A company focus is to participate in and support research that underpins product development, helps us to better appreciate client needs and which contributes to the continuous professional development of our staff.

Having our headquarters at the University of East Anglia facilitates this important activity.

Our current research collaborations, led by Innovations Director Steve Dorling, include:

  • Supporting the River Wensum Demonstration Test Catchment (DTC) work on diffuse agricultural pollution mitigation (www.wensumalliance.org.uk)
  • Developing a new Climate Vine app, for UK vineyard managers, to enable the sharing of weather, climate and phenology information – funded through the EIP-Agri programme
  • Partnering on the Innovate-UK project IUK 102647: "Improving consistency of yields and quality of large-scale and smallholder bean production in Kenya by precision management of soil, water and pathogens"
  • Partnering on the Innovate-UK project IUK 102124: "BerryDSS - Developing a decision support system to improve crop management, yield forecasting and resource use efficiency in UK soft fruit production"
  • Developing a new state-of-the-art 'ACCESS Forecast' for use in the offshore wind sector, in collaboration with Cefas and UEA
  • Supporting Strathclyde and Exeter Universities and James Fisher Marine Services in their ORACLES project, quantifying the economic benefits arising from more efficient offshore wind management systems
  • Acting as a CASE sponsor of RCUK-funded PhD projects, most recently the NERC-funded PhD research of Chris Steele on the impact of sea breeze circulations on the offshore wind energy resource
  • Hosting PhD intern students – Richard Jones spent a couple of months with us in 2017 and was subsequently hired!
  • Helping with the logistics and planning associated with UEA field-based research activities
  • Assisting many Undergraduate and Masters students with their research dissertations, especially by providing access to real-time/historic weather measurement and forecast data


Steve Dorling

Steve Dorling

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