At Weatherquest, weather consultancy means working 1-to-1 with clients to produce a bespoke solution.

The simplest example is the availability of our premium-rate phone service, available to all seven days a week, where you can speak directly to our staff on any question relating to the weather, forecast or otherwise. Weather-related insurance claims can be efficiently handled this way too.

Many times, enquiries require more detailed analysis. Rest assured, Weatherquest is there for these tasks as well, be it a legal case where the weather has played a role or a research question which requires meteorological insight - as a university-based company, we thrive on helping clients get across all the vagaries of the weather and make better decisions. We will provide the evidence you need, based where necessary on historical weather data, in a professional and supportive way. Our aim is to be seen as a part of your extended team, always there to help in the back office.

The weather affects people and businesses in so many ways - don't just wonder whether we could help, please ask, however unusual the request.

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