Renewable Energy

Weatherquest provide detailed forecast services to many of the world’s leading renewable energy companies, and can offer support to help you navigate your project right through the design, construction and O&M phases.

Our mission is to help our clients to minimise disruption, maximise productivity and maintain safe working environments, in the face of ever-changing weather. We specialise in providing person to person support, as well as integration of weather information into existing decision-support systems.

Our Web Portal Includes:

  • 10-day detailed forecast
  • Lightning tracker and rainfall radar
  • Probability forecasting
  • Strategic planning out to 32-days and beyond
  • Historical studies and extreme-event reviews
  • Telephone & video-conference support for critical operations
  • Secure and multiple logins


  • Our trained meteorologists have experience forecasting for national and international projects in both on and offshore wind
  • Weatherquest can provide meteorological training to key wind farm staff, such as Marine Coordinators, ensuring they can fully capitalise on our weather services
  • Solutions for entire project lifecycle

“Since the beginning of the project, Weatherquest have been providing site-specific weather forecasts to the Moray East Offshore windfarm. Their accurate forecasts are fundamental to plan construction operations safely and reduce downtime” Alice Malvaldi, EDP Renewables

We also constantly strive to use our research activities through our close relationship with the University of East Anglia in renewable energy meteorology.

Examples of active PhD research collaborations at UEA include:

  • Power output prediction though statistical data mining
  • Computer modelling of the sea-breeze contribution to coastal wind energy




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Ian Gooch

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