Chris Bell
Chief Communications Officer

Originally from the Houston, Texas area Chris joined Weatherquest in 2005.

He first came to the UK to study meteorology and climatology at the University of East Anglia as part of a study abroad program while attending Louisiana State University. He went on to complete a Master’s degree in Operational and Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University. After spending three years in Mississippi, Chris and his wife, whom he met while at the UEA, decided to move back to England to start a family. They now have two children and and enjoy living in rural Norfolk.

Along with his role as Forecasting Director at Weatherquest, Chris is also a Lecturer of Meteorology at the University of East Anglia. He can also occasionally be seen as a weather presenter on BBC Look East, which he has done since 2010.

Chris has had a lifelong passion for meteorology and remembers wanting to be a “weatherman” from a very early age. He is also a storm chaser and has been on many trips to the Great Plains of the United States in search of severe storms and tornadoes. He has also experienced several hurricanes. Locally, Chris enjoys taking pictures of the sky and playing golf and baseball.

Chris regularly gives talks to local schools and groups in East Anglia about topics covering storm chasing, weather forecasting, sky photography and climate change. If you are interested in inviting him to speak to your group feel free to contact him for details.

You can follow Chris on Twitter @stormbell