Efthymia Ntinopoulou
Environmental Engineer and Weather Forecaster

Efthymia joined Weatherquest in January 2018 as an Erasmus placement student. Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Efthymia has been involved in weather forecasting since 2012. She is specialised in thunderstorms and hail, as well as in changes of Paleoclimatological conditions concerning the Paleozoic to the Roman period.

Efthymia is currently a postgraduate student at the University of Ioannina, Greece, in the sector of "Atmospheric Sciences & Environment". She is part of the University’s meteorological team and is in charge of Ioannina’s weather forecast.

Efthymia is a 2015 graduate from the Senior Technological Education of Applied Sciences with a Bsc in Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering. During her studies, she was in the sector of Synoptic and Operational Weather Forecasting and the Head of the meteorological team of the department. Efthymia was responsible for the local as well as the whole Greece weather forecasts, and her work was published daily on both the Department's website and the "Chania News" newspaper. Furthermore, she worked for the Hellenic National Meteorological Service within her internship as a student.